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From Sketch to Reality
Litostroj LPTS possesses the expertise, equipment and employees to deliver end product, high wear, impact and heat resistant steel and other alloy castings and supervise the processes required to fabricate them from start to finish.
Patterns and Castings
Patterns and Castings

Litostroj LPTS is provider of patterns and casting for each individual order, depending on the specifications and requirements.

Litostroj LPTS offers complex-shaped individual and serial casting components which weigh from 1 kg by up to 50 ton made of steel, grey, ductile, manganese, white cast iron etc, for:

  • Water Turbines
  • Thermal Turbines
  • Pumps and Valves
  • Machine Building
  • Casting for mineral processing. Impact and wear-resistant components.

Patterns can be production according to the drawing or the sample of parts.

Our regular customers we offer safe storage of patterns.

Heat Treatment
Heat Treatment

Based on specific needs the following types of heat treatment can be performed:

  • Post welding heat treatment (PWHT)

  • Soft annealing

  • Normalizing

  • Quenching and Tempering

Quenching can be performed in water, oil, by liquid spraying or air venting, depending on the cooling speed needed to achieve the desirable material properties.

Max. dimensions: 7m x 7m x 4m

Max. temperature: 1050°

Casting Cleaning
Casting Cleaning

After being removed from the sand mould, the casting's risers and gating systems are cut off with the help of flame cutting.

The surface is then grinded with robotised Andromat grinders and gauged where it is deemed necessary.

To achieve the surface quality needed for non-destructive examinations the surfaces are additionally manually grinded and then blasted with the use of steel shots, steel grits or quartz sand. Welding and PWHT is performed after the examinations if necessary.


Litostroj LPTS owns facilities that machine metal parts weight up to 30 tones, size up to 7 meters or more and can thus offer a wide range of reliable and controlled machining services.

Our machining service and facilities:

  • Horizontal Boring and Milling
  • Horizontal Turning
  • Vertical Lathe
  • Plano Milling
  • Grinding, etc.




Quality Testing
Quality Testing

Litostroj LPTS monitors and confirms it's quality with modern laboratory equipment and qualified expert workers with decades of experience, some of these involve:

- Checking Chemical Compositions

- Checking Mechanical Properties

- Magnetic Particle Examinations

- Ultrasonic Examinations

- Dye Penetrant Examinations

- Radiographic Examinations

Melting and Refining of Alloys
Melting and Refining of Alloys

One of the activities of Litostroj LPTS d.o.o. is also the processing of alloys by remelting and refining in an electric arc furnace with a capacity of 3-5 tons.

If you have mixed waste that is difficult to determine the chemical composition or that has unwanted impurities, it can be melted down and also cleaned of oxidizable elements. It is also possible to process filtration residues, grinding, shavings, slag shingles, etc ..

The product is clean and dry granules or blocks of uniform chemical composition, which is easier to sell to foundries and other users. It is especially important for the economy to preserve elements such as Nickel, Cobalt, Wolfram, Molybdenum, Copper and others, which are currently very expensive on the market.

In case you have special waste that contains precious metals, we recommend it for recycling.

For information call + 00 (1) 51 31 214 or + 00 (1) 51 31 201 or send an inquiry to foundry@litostroj.com.

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